The Production Process

Quality is the result of attention to detail.

The Employees


With 38 years’ service behind him, he is one of the “old hands” at the factory and responsible for the installation of built-in appliances and adjusting the trims, side panels, and stoves. His experience is a major factor in the quality of our products.


For 16 years, Samuel has been the company’s expert when it comes to the electrical and gas components which are fitted to our ranges according to the wishes of our customers. In addition to the wiring, he is also responsible for the comprehensive product testing before final delivery.

The Production Process

These images illustrate perfectly just how much manual labour goes into the production of one of our masterpieces. Whether in the foundry or the finishing process, each stage of production requires the experience and skill of our craftsmen.


For 33 years now, his specialist skills in the finishing and welding of brass and stainless steel parts have been in demand. Each item is made individually and later adapted for the customised cooking range.


Adding the “gloss” to each decorative element for 30 years. After the raw material has been custom-manufactured in the foundry, Eric polishes it painstakingly to achieve that mirror-like, showroom finish.

The Path to the Finished Stove

Handzeichnung Molteni Herdblock
Step 1

The initial step is one of discovery because mutual trust guarantees the understanding of the needs and desires of each party concerned. A general idea of what the finished stove should look like, what functions it should have and its overall design, as presented in the initial sketches, form the basis of our design brief.

Technischezeichnung Molteni Herdblock

Step 2

The presentation of the first blueprint. The plan shows the dimensions, technical features, and the design. Only after various changes or additions have been made can we move on to the next step.

CAD-Zeichnung Molteni Herdblock 3D Ansicht
Step 3

The visual representation of the stove, the individual functions and appearance of the finished stove are shown using photo-realistic representation. Once final approval has been given, the stove finally enters the production phase.

Schritt4 Fertiger Molteni Herdblock


An exciting moment full of anticipation and pleasure. The finished stove is presented to the customer, then delivered and assembled on site.


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